Bali - deposit

Bali - deposit


We ask for 30% non-refundable deposit on booking and then the remaining amount within a month of retreat date.

Total price is 2100 SGD/ person (2-bed room)

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1 - 6 March in BALI

Join us for this intimate 6 days retreat to train your body and relax your mind with



Coaching workshop

Creative & Confident - coaching workshop

Day 1 Power of Needs

We want confidence to help us achieve our goals, follow our dreams or perform better in different domains of life, such as sport, business, music, public speaking, parenting, socializing. So it’s not only to feel better, but to live the life your way. The hunger for more confidence is build on ver personalised needs, which we will have a look at on the day one.

Day 2 Positive thinking Trap

On day 2 we'll direct our attention inward to see the difference in the quality of everyday life. We'll tackle the myth about positive thinking, explore other ways of managing daily ups and downs by bringing awareness and curiosity into here and now.

Day 3 Discomfort & Emotions

Third day is very special, as we'll learn to be and live with discomfort. Being able to control the chaos of overwhelming and never ending thoughts and feelings is the key to living the life you want. You will get in touch with your needs and unleash the power of inner resources creating your very own rules of reacting to discomfort.

Day 4 Confidence game

Fourth day will be all about your self-confidence, about understanding the roots of it and why all tried strategies such as visualization, affirmations, hypnosis, and ‘fake it till you make it’ didn’t really work. Getting to know the rules of confidence game will allow you to start building up its level to live happy and content life.

Day 5 Creativity in a new way

Wake up creativity in self-expression, self-understanding and have fun in re-designing your life.

Day 6 Power of habit & change

I want you to smile and laugh, to walk confident and take life as it comes with brave mindset and strong self belief. This is why all strategies and tools are highly practical and it will be beginning of your new happy habit. Change is scary, everyone knows this. Change is ‘the only certainty’ but also Change is a fascinating journey IF ONLY you have skills to lead it. And this is my job, to train you life skills using practical psychology and power of habit.

Your 6 days in Bali will look a little like this - there may be a variation due to weather or out of our control circumstances, but this gives you a clear idea of what your days will look like while you're with us.

Bali retreat

Class Length

Fitness workouts 60 minutes (4 sessions)

Yoga classes 60-90 minutes (6 classes)

Coaching sessions 60-90 minutes (6 sessions)

Surfing session 90 minutes (1 session)

Chill Out
You can dive-in and chill in the one of three swimming pools, catch up on reading books or simply work on your suntan as much as you like. Taking advantage of the extra options you can have a relaxing Balinese massage (oooh yes, we do recommend it!), rent a motorbike/taxi and go to the beach, do café hopping in Seminyak or ride the waves with the help of professional instructors.

Accommodation Info

The Cosmos - Is a place where relaxing atmosphere, healthy food and modern décor are all around. It’s a place where time stops on ‘here and now’ allowing to properly unwind and de-clutter the mind. The Cosmos is a open space concept with gorgeous rooms, swimming pool, and restaurant.

Based in the district of Canggu, which is more of a state of mind than a place. It's a sensational combination of fantastic surfing spots, calm and dark sanded beach, rice fields and cafes with amazing food. Canggu is located just 20 minutes’ drive by car/motorbike from the popular Seminyak.


Don’t panic, it’s organic – Breakfasts are provided, vegan and vegetarian options available

Breakfast from 6.30-10.30am

Group Size

We will have a small group from 6 to 16 people. It’s not a mass event. It’s a life changing experience for those who love themselves, who are ready to train and transform their mind-set.

Pricing plans

2'100 SGD/ person in 2-beds room

2'400 SGD/ person in 1-bed room (king size bed is all yours)

We ask for 30% non-refundable deposit on booking and then the remaining amount within a month of retreat date.


  • 5 nights in 2-beds room

  • yummy breakfasts

  • Airport pick up

  • 5 group classes of Yoga

  • 4 group Fitness workouts

  • 6 group mind trainings - Coaching

  • 1 surfing session (1 instructor for 2 students)

  • 1 h Balinese Massage